People Power, says Cisco, is key to Success

Amazing post by Cisco’s VP of Enterprise. Go read the full article. Some excerpts

For most companies, people represent an untapped asset – a resource that becomes especially important for companies that must grow their business without adding personnel.

This means that corporations must design a cognitive stimulus plan based on employee contributions, and business must embrace some admittedly unusual notions about how, where and when work occurs, and how employees collaborate. Some of these notions recently arrived from the Web 2.0, social networking realm.

It is time, though, to recognize that community is at the heart of teaming and teaming is at the heart of workplace collaboration. And collaboration is where we find innovation and operational excellence, by tapping into knowledge at the source: from one functional group to another; from one business unit to another; and from one company to another – as partners in a distributed valued chain.

Finally, management needs to view collaborative social networking differently. As Morten T. Hansen notes, in his excellent new book, Collaboration, they must oversee the adoption process and change culture to achieve positive results.

To some degree, every aspect of information technology is in transition: cloud, virtualization, collaboration, and consumerization. CEOs want more and CFOs want to spend less. I could go on and on with challenges for the CIO. But what about the people who actually use all this technology, day after day, to get their jobs done? What are they telling us about how they want to work?

The millennials, the largest presence in the workforce, are already “black belts” in virtual communications and collaboration.

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