People in their 20s and 30s and in the US most likely to blog

On the back of their extensive Twitter reports, my favourite Canadian analytics firm, Symosos, has published a study of blog demographics. Highlights as follows:

Perhaps not surprisingly most bloggers are in their 20s and 30s, only 7%+ are aged 50 or more

The highest % of bloggers (29.2%) are in the US, the second most populated country in the blogosphere is the UK with 6.75% of the total

What does surprise me is the gender split.

Sysomos says that 49.1% of bloggers are women….yet this contradicts both received wisdom and the state of the blogosphere report by Technorati last Autumn, which showed that 2/3 of bloggers are male.

How did Sysomos come up with such a different result?  Is it that Syomos products only analyse blogs where there is a clear and declared biography, while Technorati’s research is more of a conventional survey (i.e one carried out and answered by humans).

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