Peace Foundation Logo Design Process In 10 Steps

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One of the things that people frequently ask me is about the logo design process. They want to know how the logos are made in a step by step manner. So I decided to take you to one of the logo design processes that I went through. The logo design process I am going to show you today is of “THE PEACE FOUNDATION”.

To begin the logo design process, I ran Adobe Photoshop which is the most smashing graphics design software of all times. However, some designers prefer Adobe illustrator but it depends on everybody’s wish and convenience. Anyhow; you can see how the blank canvas looks like in figure A.

Figure A

Before we move on, it’s really imperative to mention that layers play a very vital, in fact the most important part in any logo design or graphics design process. Layers are the option that enables us to create each and every single element separately to avoid all the future tribulations. Therefore logo designer prefer to use multiple layers to easily re-edit the logo elements without damaging other things which are the part of the logo design. Look at figure B.

Figure B

Step 1: I started off with a new layer. (Figure#1)


Step 2: To give the message of peace and harmony I decided to make a dove. So I drew the wing of a bird. (Figure#2)


Step 3: Continued drawing the bird’s head. (Figure#3)


Step 4: Continued drawing the bird’s torso. (Figure#4)


Step 5: Completed the dove. (Figure# 5)


Step 6: Added spikes to show bird’s movement to different directions. (Figure#6, #7 and #8)




Step 7: Added background color. (Figure#9)


Step 8: Added a glow effect in bird’s background to show that the bird is coming with a new light of hope. (Figure#10)


Step 9: Added text by using the text tool. I picked 2 fonts for this logo; Franklin Gothic Demi & Eurofurence regular. (Figure#11 and 12)



Step 10: Looked at the logo by the eye of a keen viewer and saved the image in JPEG format when felt satisfied.


So, there you go! This is how a logo is made. You can get your own logo designed here. And yeah, don’t forget to drop your comments if you like this logo design process article.



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