Paul the Octopus: One More Way to Pick Your RPO Service Provider?

As a RPO public service, I have decided to continue blogging about alternative methods for selecting a “qualified” RPO service provider. In my June post, I shared the “tried and true” chicken poop bingo technique. However, while well received, many readers wrote me that this process was both too messy and disruptive to be easily managed in a business setting. So I went back, did some additional research, and found another potentially sound tool.

With the recent completion of the World Cup, many soccer enthusiasts have relied on the prognostications of Paul the Octopus to select winners. Paul’s prescient picks in the World have propelled him to international fame from obscurity in an aquarium in the western city of Oberhausen.

It works something like this:

Paul is presented with two clear plastic boxes, each containing food: a mussel or an oyster. Each container is marked with the flag of a team. The flag on the box chosen by the octopus is interpreted as being the flag of the predicted winning country.

Several times over that past several years, I have observed that organizations have a difficulty making their final RPO selection. They are faced with a decision between 2 equally qualified RPO competitors; a virtual dead heat.

This is potentially an opportunity to deploy Paul the Octopus. Imagine substituting the logo of RPO firms for the country flags and giving Paul the chance to break the deadlock with his uncanny abilities.

While many are true believers in Paul’s powers, one researcher (naysayer) suggested that octopuses are simply drawn to horizontal shapes. Since I don’t believe in leaving anything to chance, I think I am going to make the following logo revision suggestions to Michelle Krier, Pinstripe’s Director of Marketing:

FYI – Our RPO service provider selection series will continue next month with Mani the forecasting parakeet.

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