When I was
younger, I put a deck of playing cards, faced-down, in front of my friends and
told them I was able to predict where the aces were or the seven of hearts. My
hopes were to get lucky and draw the right card, making the other kids awe at

I also tried to make other kids eat worms (or
grass, dirt, etc.). I told them that if they didn’t, they would not belong to
my cool group. I was very selfish and manipulative.

In The Line Between Persuasion and Manipulation, Jonathan Fields writes:

The difference between persuasion and manipulation
lies in:

1) The intent behind your desire to persuade that
2) The truthfulness and transparency of the process, and
3) The net benefit or impact on that person

Fast forward to the present: I still enjoy power,
but abhor manipulation.

When I realize I can exploit a situation or act
manipulative, I run into the opposite direction. That awareness will (hopefully!)
always stay with me. Like a recovering alcoholic who does not get near an
alcoholic drink.

Some days ago, I came across this awesome tip by Tony Schwartz in his post Who are you and what do you really want? It’s been on my mind ever since:

Think for a moment about the two or three qualities
that you most despise when you see them in others. Next, think of their
opposites. For greed, the opposite is generosity. For arrogance, it’s humility.
For disingenuousness, it’s authenticity.

What you can’t stand is an unexpectedly powerful
window into what you stand for.

Can you identify what your passion is? I am passionate about transparency and

I enjoy sharing thoughts, getting corrected and
seeing that projects get completed and no one has to eat a worm.

Passion helps you keep going when you otherwise
wouldn’t. What are you passionate about?

Do you love what you do even when you’re having a
bad day?

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