Parkour and Employee Engagement Videos With Choice

Jump into the next stage of video.

You make the call. Video with choice. I have always appreciated the moves of Parkour. I appreciate how engage a person is in determining new ways to move through space and this video (s) takes you to the next level. You seeĀ  two Parkour experts and decide which one you will watch and what move you want him to do through a series of videos.

Imagine work videos giving us more choice. Your first choice will take you away from this site but will give you the idea of video for the future. My partner, John Junson, suggested it would be so interesting to watch an employee engagement meetings and decide what character to follow and what their next moves would be.

Engage in choice. Watch this but also ensure you engage in your choices. This will take you out of this site parkouring through you tube.

The best is yet to be. I have often said, “engage along with me, the best is yet to be.” I think this help you engage and starts to show us what the best will be in the very near future.

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