Overused Word of the Year: Expert

I think that is the new, hot word. In order to join the fray of predictors, I will say that expert has been the most overused word of the year, especially as it relates to social media and networking. Everyone and their brother, possibly even their dog, is an expert. (@thedogsamson wants everyone to know that he is NOT an expert).
For the record, I am not an expert. Not even remotely. I love the stuff – read it, click it, link it and surf it. And I use it. A lot. But I am not an expert. I share what I know – FB, LI, Twitter et al but would never claim to be an expert. I am highly skeptical of the self-proclaimed experts unless backed-up with quantifiable proof. Show me why you think you know more than I do and why you are an expert. But if you tell me and can’t show me, well that’s a yawn.
I have met some really smart people in my time but few experts. The experts I met were in unlikely places and on curious topics – Brian Greene, an expert on String Theory; Edmond Rosser, one the country’s leading veterinary dermatologists; and Fred Starr. If you don’t know Fred Starr, do yourself a favor and get to know him. These people are experts and don’t need to auto DM it on Twitter, fan me on FB or shout it ad nauseam.
Just watch the word, would you please?

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