Overcoming Fear of the “Perfessional” Employee Blog

Peter Kim at the Dachis Group blogs about something that every knowledge-based business is going to struggle with some time or the other.

Writing about Forrester’s new blogging policies for their analysts Peter talks about how blogging benefits both employers and employees brand themselves – and calls it “perfessional” – a mix of personal and professional. So this blog would be a “perfessional blog” as per him.

As he says:

Professionally-affiliated, personally-managed blogs – let’s call them “perfessional” – provide an additional engagement channel for employees to support business goals, on consumer-friendly terms. Social media policies must provide flexibility from an employee perspective that permit perfessional engagement – otherwise, companies risk missing a business opportunity. Here’s where Forrester’s decision appears to fall flat: in its quest for control of employee social media publishing, the company limits both risk AND reward.

As I blogged earlier, organizations are used to controlling the message they send out about themselves – and social media (blogging, Twitter, Facebook) threatens that structure.

Soon, more and more people will start to express themselves on social (and also on business networks, like Linkedin). Unfortunately I think a lot of organizations will behave like Forrester, letting go the reward with the risk.

Progressive HR leaders should educate business leaders and organizations on the opportunities that social media offers their organizations. It’s time to leverage the power of your people!

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