Open Letter to the Chief Executive Officer

I need some help this morning. I need to understand what is in your
head in today’s economic climate. As I understand it your role as CEO is
to protect the interests of the stakeholders and the bottom line of the
organization. As a result you tell the market that you can not assist
the unemployed because you need to protect the bottom line. I totally
understand that.

What I do not understand is how you protect the
interests of the stakeholders when by your very actions you and your
peers have racked up a total of 64 billion dollars in fines from the
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission because you or someone in your
organization has felt that under your direction it is totally acceptable to make some very dumb decisions.

do you protect the stakeholder interests and your bottom line by
charging against the organization bottom line a $3,000,000 fine for
discrimination against your employees in your hiring process? This is on
top of another fine of equal value for misclassifying your employees as
1099’s instead of real employees. These are not isolated cases. Since
August of 2011 I have received notices of 225 fines levied against your
organizations for various forms of blatantly illegal actions on your

Where is your responsibility to protect your brand when as
head of the organization you believe that discrimination is the way to
protect the organization? Where is the responsibility to society to be a
good citizen when you believe that discrimination is the correct path?
Further what kind of message are you sending to your kids when they
learn that their parent obviously believes that not every person in
their organization is entitled to equal treatment under the law.

have never been in your shoes but I am the offspring of a former peer
of yours. So let me provide my take on the situation. You have the
responsibility first to your organization to be watchful of the bottom
line. You also have the responsibility to the greater community to be a
good citizen. Take the time to really look at your organization and find
out what they are really doing. Take the time to let the managers now
that they also have these responsibilities even if it is just to protect
the brand. Their purpose is to find the right candidate for the right
position in the right place at the right time. Providing the model to
the available human capital that your corporate ethics allow you to make
some very dumb moves is not protecting the stakeholders or the return
on investment. How many new employees who may very well assist you in
being innovative in the marketplace could you hire for 64 billion
dollars? I am not a math wiz but at an average salary of $50,000 plus
benefits you could make a real dent in the unemployment numbers by
directing fines for doing things that you know are wrong to hiring those
wh can benefit your organization.

So before your management team members make another really dumb decision, ask them to stop and think about the
interests of those they are supposed to be protecting before taking
steps to protect the organization for the wrong reason.Show the world
that in this tough economic tomes we are in that you understand your
role as a world citizen. Show the world that you are in tune with the
marketplace and that there is a need for providing a safe, equitable and
professional environment within your organization.


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