“Oops, I’m a manager! Where’s the manual?”

Fresh out of college or professional certification school
in your chosen field you’ve got a shiny new piece of paper that says you’re
qualified – that is until you have 20 employees staring you in the face looking
for direction and one who barely shows up at all. What to do? There must be a
manual for this part of life, right? Well, not exactly right, until now.
Introducing the Management Training Directory, a service of WhatDoYouWantFromThem.comThe informal network for managers.

Scenario #2 might see you as a senior manager in a
position you understand but with staff training needs that you have never
encountered before. Where to go? What to do? Again, the Management Training
Directory is for you. Chock full of helpful blogs, references and listings, managers or company representatives can search by industry, training need and location and
it’s all absolutely free.

say you’re looking for mentoring services, degrees and accredited
certifications, onsite workshops, free resources, or online training? And on
what topics? Negotiation, handling data, self-awarenesss, meetings,
recruitment, managing teams, diversity, finance, strategic planning? That’s all
been pre-sorted for you and so much more at the Management
Training Directory
. And it’s all free
for both managers and service providers.

you or your company provides a professional training service for management,
make sure to register at http://www.managementtrainingdirectory.com/listing.
And if you’re a manager looking for that little extra career boost, make sure
to check out the listings. It just might be that personal career manual the
company forgot to give you on orientation day.

more information contact [email protected].

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