Only 6% of PR job candidates talk about social media on CVs

This is according to the UK’s media recruitment agencies as reported by industry publication PR Week.

Recruiter Major Players looked through 4500 CVs received in the past two years (4500?  Guess times really were tough!), only 6% mentioned social media, 9% mentioned twitter and 2% mentioned blogging.   13% said ‘Facebook’ though a lot of this was as an interest or hobby.

By comparison, 33% of recruitment searches are for positions that require digital skills and another 28% require at least a general understanding.

In the article, the CEO of Cake turns the situation on its head a little bit implying that there are plenty of people, especially the under 25s, who use social media but that there’s a “dearth of strategy and planning people.”   In other words, sure you ‘use’ social media, but can you marry that up with a basis in communications strategy and skills.

Image – Justin Cormack

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