Online video, the new personal video recorder?

Research from Nielsen shows that in the US at least, online TV viewing is slowly becoming a replacement for the PVR (personal video recorder) box – for example Tivo in the US and Sky + in the UK.

Nielsen showed that watching shows online was being used as a way to check out stuff you would have watched anyway but might have missed, rather than get you to change your TV habits completely.

More than half of respondents (54%) said that they watched shows online because they forgot to watch it on TV itself, while another 47% said they were catching up on a current season of programming.

‘Repurposed’ TV ads do better than ones specifically designed for the web

And another sign that online viewers really do think that what they see on services such as BBC iPlayer or 4od as an extension of their TV – ‘repurposed’ TV ads do better than ‘web original’ video or flash ads.   The advantage was apparently particularly pronounced in the food and beverage category.

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