Online Training: Job Design for Good Work and Productivity

At the end of the month I’ve got my second online training session with Symposium: Designing Jobs for Good Work and Increased Productivity.
“Designing jobs used to be a key part of HR but other than at executive levels, it has received less attention over recent years. However, the UK’s productivity puzzle, low levels of engagement, pressure from increases in the national living wage, digital technology and other factors are all leading to more focus in this area.
It is now clear that having an effectively designed job which meets the needs of individual employees as well as the employer is a key factor in raising engagement and increasing productivity. Making jobs suitably compelling requires providing them with a range of design factors including an appropriate level of autonomy and the opportunity to find meaning.
Attend this training session to consider these factors and how they might be applied to develop jobs, engagement and productivity within your own organisation.”
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I graduated from Imperial College, London in 1987 and joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as a systems development consultant. After ten years in IT, change and then HR consulting, I joined Ernst & Young as an HR Director, working firstly in the UK, and then, based in Moscow, covering the former USSR.More recently, I have worked as Head of HR Consulting for Penna and Director of Human Capital Consulting for Buck Consultants (the HR consultancy owned by ACS).

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