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Online Time Cards for Landscaping Companies On the Go

Dig down deep into the way a landscaping business runs, and you’ll usually find a paper trail—made up of illegible time cards. It takes time to track down timesheets and manager approvals, especially when everyone’s out in the field. This is no way to roll. The cost of processing, errors and managing overtime using this method adds up in real time and money.

time cards for landscaping

So let us plant a seed for online time tracking. Designed for landscaping companies, here’s the real dirt on how TSheets makes productivity and profitability grow every second of every day, no sweat.

Go mobile: In the field? When you have employees on the move, get time tracking that goes the distance too. Using GPS-ready smartphone and web apps (even clocking in and out with a regular cell phone via dial in or text), managers can track employees on multiple job sites and see who’s working – and where – in real-time.

Crew-wide controls: Clock your whole crew in and out while on the go (and more) using our Android app and crew functionality.

Habla español: For Spanish speaking employees, we offer dial-in time tracking in Spanish.

Easier payroll: Over 60% of companies still process payroll using a spreadsheet. With TSheets, we take payroll down from 35 steps to only three, with data that syncs to QuickBooks and reports in 20 different formats. Save 2% on gross payroll costs using TSheets. Calculate your savings with the payback calculator.

Quick job-costing: When you can track time to job codes or clients, plus view billable hours in real time, keeping clients informed and accurately invoiced is easy. Now at your fingertips—cient transparency and instant billing.

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