Online Learning: From Beginning to MOOCs

Students participating in online learning courses  is expected to reach 19 million by 2014. Today, 1 out of 4 students has enrolled in at least one online course.

Some Massive Open Online Classes (MOOCs) have brought together over 250,000 students. Wow.

There has been a significant change in the availability of content and chosen method of delivery of that content to make it available to more and more students. This is translating to a changing classroom and a changing workplace. See how online learning is changing how we work as well.

It has been a long road for online learning to gain popularity, however. Much of the development of distance learning (traditional learning taking place outside of the classroom) was dependant upon the available technology of the day.  MOOCs are gaining in popularity and are being deployed by traditional universities and nonprofits around the globe to provide education to those previously unable to access such resources.

The world of online education is changing fast. I have attached an infographic below showing some of the major milestones and forecasts regarding online learning that was put together by our friends at

Online Learning MOOC

Online learning will continue to evolve as social learning, mobile learning and MOOCs become more available to more people. The exact same principles leading this change being deployed in the classroom are applicable to the workplace.

Are you currently seeing a change in how learning is provided in your class or your office? If so, how has it changed how you learn?



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