One/ Two Day Social Web Strategy Masterclass Workshop

I am doing a series of social web strategy masterclass workshops all over Asia in November and December, in Mumbai, Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore and Tokyo.

Some of these workshops are for senior MSLGROUP staff, others are for senior MSLGROUP clients, and yet others are public workshops for senior client-side marketing and communications professionals (like my workshop at the recent Marcus Evans Social Media Marketing conference in Mumbai).

Here’s the full agenda that I cover in the two-day masterclass workshop –

Day One

1. Real-life social networking game

– How do we connect with others on social networks around our passions?
– How do connections lead to conversations, collaboration and community?
– How can brands connect with people around their passions?

2. The young, urban Indian consumer

– How is the value system of the young, urban Indian consumer changing?
– How is the media consumption behavior of the young, urban Indian consumer changing?
– How is the young, urban Indian consumer tapping into global subcultures on the social web?

3. Community-centric integrated marketing

– How is the social web changing integrated marketing and the role of agencies?
– How can brands create a series of integrated marketing campaigns that build upon each other?
– How can brands leverage owned, paid and earned media into their integrated marketing strategy?
– Pepsi Refresh case study.

4. Social web strategy for business impact

– How can brands leverage conversations, campaigns and communities for business impact?
– How can brands build online communities to organize and energize their evangelists?
– How can brands measure business impact, platform influence and program engagement?
– Dell case study.

Day Two

5. Social web strategy in the B2C context

– How can brands use contests to build high-engagement communities?
– How can brands use communities to drive retail footfalls?
– How can brands create cause-based communities to connect with their stakeholders?
– Starbucks case study.

6. Social web strategy in the B2B context

– How can brands use communities to strengthen relationships with partners?
– How can brands use communities to attract and motivate talent?
– How can brands use communities to establish thought leaderships?
– Microsoft case study.

7. Social-CRM and social-commerce

– How can brands use social media at each stages of the customer life-cycle?
– How can brands use reviews and recommendations to cross-sell and up-sell to customers?
– How can brands use real-time support on social networks to increase customer satisfaction?
– Best Buy case study.

8. Strategy on a post-it note game

– What are our brand values and business objectives?
– Who are our brand evangelists and what are their passions?
– What is our core platform and program strategy and how will we measure success?

I share my slides freely, because I believe that the real value of the workshop is in the interactions between the participants and the hands-on games and exercises. So, here are the slides for the one day version of the social web strategy masterclass workshop. Feel free to download, share and reuse these slide (with an attribution):

If you would like to attend one of my public workshops for senior marketing and communications professionals, or ask me to lead a custom workshop for your team, write to me at [email protected]

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