Onboarding Made Easy: Initiate New Hires with an LMS

OnBoarding_LMSAn onboarding process can make or break a business. New hires with high potential are great additions to any team, but unless they are appropriately assimilated into the workplace it can be hard for them to hit the ground running. With a thorough employee initiation plan, a company can ensure its workforce is happy, informed and equipped from the start.

Onboarding processes vary depending on the size and mission of a business. For instance, a small service provider is going to approach onboarding differently than a large product distributor. However, a few important aspects of this initiation period seem to be the same everywhere.

Points of importance may include:

  1. Introduce operation tools
  2. Organize paperwork and understand filing systems
  3. Answer questions that come up

To tackle these important aspects of the onboarding process means different things to different organizations. But most companies can agree that these tasks consume a lot of time and energy.

Regardless of the company size, administrators do their best to make the onboarding process more efficient. This is why some organizations look to accomplish tasks of initiation online. When using a Learning Management System (LMS), companies have all the tools they need to efficiently and successfully onboard new hires.

Operation Tools 101

Each employer uses different operation tools. One of the most important onboarding tasks is to introduce a new hire to conferencing systems, calendars, eLearning classrooms and messaging protocols. Many of these tools are found online or on an intranet. When using an LMS, companies host all communication and eLearning tools in a central location on the cloud. This condenses workplace operation tools and makes it easy to show new hires the ropes.

Organize Paperwork

Onboarding paperwork is a tedious process no matter how it is done. However, when submitting the documents to HR through an LMS, new hires are certain they only have to fill out the paperwork once.

Beyond HR paperwork, new hires need to be given direction for how they can create filing systems for their documents. At the same time, it is important that they know where to find company literature that will be useful for reference and training. An LMS provides a central database that ensures these documents are always available and easy to find.

New Hire Support

During the first few days on the job, it is important to connect new hires with people who can answer their questions. Using online employee profiles enables new hires to proactively seek answers to their questions by engaging in realtime chat and pursuing employee social media communications, like blogs.

LMS features benefit other aspects of business – not just the onboarding process. However, having a simple, easy and effective onboarding process is greatly advanced by having an LMS in place.

An LMS saves a company time and money by hosting the most important aspects of business from a single location. When operation tools, company documents and employees are easy to access, business becomes easier to manage. TOPYX® is a learning management system that simplifies onboarding processes and organizes businesses. It is an interactive tool employees use to work, learn and socialize. It caters to an efficient onboarding process and can open doors for company successes down the road. Request a free demo of TOPYX and see the features it offers to growing, vibrant businesses.

Give every employee tools for success and watch a business thrive. Using an LMS is the most compact and convenient tool for onboarding new hires and making long lasting employees.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]


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