OMG, Did we really create this monster?

Sit down with any group of senior managers and ask them what is their
primary complaint with the youngest workers in their organization. I am
willing to bet ( and I am not a betting person, I am lucky if I even
play the state Lottery) that the primary complaint will be something of
the nature that they do not understand that there are dues to be paid.
But take a moment and think back in time and realize you created this

I can go back to the late 60s and find the forerunner of the monster. Think about this– it is 1965 and 
it was my senior year in High School. I never mention it on a resume but
I lettered in track. I never ran a single race. I was the team manager.
It was the policy of the school that everyone who was part of the team
received the letter. Jump forward to when my kids were getting started
in sports on the community soccer team. The policy was that everyone who played got a trophy at the end of the season.

here is the nature of the monster. Based on the beliefs of some
educators and late baby boomer and Generation X parents it was wrong to
not place everybody on an even keel. All for one, and one for all
attitude became prevalent in our lifestyles. What organizations are now
seeing is the offspring of this group enter the workplace. Their first
demand is that we are entitled to get that promotion or raise just like
every other employee. Do not tell me about paying the corporate dues. I
have come to work, done what was asked of me, and now I want that
trophy. I want that raise. I want that promotion. Not years from now but
in real time in the current time span.  We created the monster and now
we have to deal with them.

The solution to the dilemma is that we
need to accept the reason why the new generation of workers have
reasonable demands based on what they have been taught by their parents.
We cant change that. However we can work on ways to utilize that energy
for greater corporate stability and good. Find ways within your
corporate culture to modify  the corporate career paths to encompass
their feelings of needing to move on up now rather then after the dues
are paid. Remember these employees never saw a piece of new technology
that they did not like. They quickly pick up how to best utilize the
resources. They are the ones that are going to be the
leaders/managers/teachers of the organization sooner rather then later.
Utilize those skills to enhance your internal processes for the betterment of the entire organization.

We thought we were being helpful. We thought that we were being supportive. We were striving to make our children
better community members by showing them the benefits of total team
work. Now we have to live with the outcomes and understand on our watch
the world has changed. It is up to us and them to decide whether it is
for the better world we were seeking.


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