Office Romance Comes Out of the Closet

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, CareerBuilder has released its annual survey of office romance and, guess what, the workplace still tops online dating and pickup bars as a place to meet a mate.  Nearly four-in-ten (37 percent) of workers said they have dated a co-worker at some time during their careers–32 percent said they went on to marry the person they dated at work.

A perhaps more surprising finding is that open office relationships seem to have become more acceptable.  Some 67 percent of the 5200 workers surveyed said they see no need to keep their office relationships secret–up from 54 percent only five years ago.  Workers are still expected to maintain a professional distance at on the job, of course, (no disappearing into the supply closet during lunch hour) but younger workers are less inclined to feel that their careers are threatened by office romances than their Boomer forebearers.

All of which confirms the validity of the message embroiderd on a throw pillow that adorns a sofa on the Forbes yacht (or, did when the Forbes could afford a yacht).  It read simply:  “Familiarity breeds.”

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