Off the grid for a month

I will be mostly off the grid May 10 to June 10. Most of the time, I expect to be touring, taking photos, eating sumptuously, and re-charging my batteries.

If you need to get in touch with me, click here. I may reply. I plan to throw away regular email.

Jay and Uta, May 15, 1970, Heidelberg

The Schedule:

Monday, May 10, Uta and I are flying to Barcelona. On May 13, I’ll be addressing the EDO Congresso Internacional at the Autonomous University of Barcelona on el Aprendizaje Informal.

Then Uta and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary with return visits to the Costa del Sol, Germany, and Marrakech

On June 8, I open the Learning and Skills Group show in London with a talk about Working Smarter through Workscaping. On June 9, I’ll be visiting friends in Paris.

Drop me a line if we should rendezvous in any of these places.

Auf wiedersehen.

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