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Weconomy workshop

Yesterday I attended a beta workshop conducted by Jerry Michalski on the wecono.me (We+Economy), an application of the principles of the Relationship Economy.

What is the Relationship Economy?

Here’s the opening salvo. We used the hand signals of the Occupy movement as our public backchannel as we focused on reforming education.

Scarcity vs abundance in schooling
Here’s the gist of coupling the concepts of the relationship economy with the potential of schooling.

Hot Studio
We met in the very cool offices of Hot Studio, an experience design firm in downtown San Francisco. Hot Studio does amazing digital design for Fortune 100 companies. Gotta love their open office design:

Weconomy workshop Weconomy workshop

Weconomy workshop Weconomy workshop

What to do
The discussion turned to harbingers of the future. After sorting through the current landscape of education and barriers to progress, we brought up examples of people, sites, and projects that are getting it right.

Weconomy workshop

Zoom in on the picture to see names of examples like Chinese Pod, Patients Like Me, Sudbury Valley School, Hole in the Wall project, Seti at Home, BMUG, Cisco Academy, and other rays of hope.

Four hours
The workshop design calls for learning the process by looking into a field that’s not your own. No one in the room was a professional educator. (Future iterations may have “experts” join in a post-mortem.)

Amazingly, we came out with fresh insights (and energy) in a mere four hours together.

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