Nurse Award With No Reward

Last Friday, I visited a hospital in the Charlotte, NC, area. In the waiting area, I saw the following sign:

Has a Nurse made a difference or touched your heart?

Would you like to nominate them for an award?

Staff, Physicians, Families or Patients may nominate a nurse
who has shown compassionate care and had a positive impact on a patient
and/or their family.

Please complete the nomination form and turn into the staff
at the desk (who will turn in to the Nursing Supervisor). Please turn in
nomination no later than October 21st.

The winner will be announced October 24th, 2007.

Yes, there were a few typos (you want me to turn into the
staff and then into a Nursing Supervisor?), but the most awkward thing
about the sign was the date: 2007 – that was… 4 years ago!

I spotted the same sign in the patient recovery area. Has no one noticed these signs or does the staff not care enough to take them down?

Something else that caught my attention: The nurses have to document their name, the date, etc. on a white board in each patient’s room and answer the question: “What does excellence mean to you?”

On the board that I was looking at, a nurse had written: “Do a great job.”

Can you imagine the hassle?! Each time a nurse is trying to take care of a patient, he/she has to get out a blue, green, red or black marker and write something along the lines of Do a great job.

The atmosphere in this hospital felt mechanical, lifeless.  I sensed a disconnect between management/administration and the front line staff. That’s pretty common, I suppose.

What are some ways you can stay connected with your staff and/or customers?

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