Notes for the New Year

Events drive others until you prioritize, imposing some degree of control on their flow and on the degree to which that affects you – or, better yet, reversing the direction of that influence. In my case, a re-prioritization was called for by events of late last year, and one of the events affected by it is the publishing schedule of this blog.

I long worked to present an essay or item a workday here. As it happens, I will not be able to maintain that. I am and will continue to review the means by which I get my message out, and this blog will remain an important part of the effort. But it will not be the venue for that every day or, even, regularly.

What will happen here is a periodic, probably once a week, commentary on current events in business and management, as well as in the perversely fascinating dialogue in these realms about individual leadership. This will sometimes take the form of a series of articles, as in the past; indeed, we are still in the midst of one that has another two or three essays in it.

Just as often, though, it will take the form of direct observations about a news item, another author’s views on a topic of interest here, or commentary on the latest drivel to drool out of the sundry schools of leadership “science,” which, despite ever-accumulating evidence of their irrelevance or, even, destructiveness, continue to assert their primacy and, sadly, to attract subscribers among we presumptively level-headed practitioners. Book reviews will also continue to be conducted here, as well as a “roundup” now and then.

So, I hope you will continue to keep this blog in your RSS reader or email subscription list, and stop by to view and participate in the discussion. Thanks for your support over the past 5 years or so – I will continue to work to earn it over the increasingly interesting years ahead.

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