Notes, Acknowledgements, And Thanks, Week Ending 04/20/13

Another week gone. Now it’s time to recap and give thanks. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Photo manipulation by Kyle Jones

Reading Is Fundamental, Part Two

Who doesn’t like books? I do, and when I’m done with them I prefer to give them away to those that may enjoy them. This round of giveaways will be interesting, as I have requests from as far away as the Fiji islands! It’s too bad I can’t ship myself there…

Asking Questions For Better Decision Making

Having worked in the retail world for two decades, and recently in the restaurant business, the ability to make quick decisions is crucial. It was also important to be competent in your role as a leader in order to gain respect from employees. Some chose to do this by pretending to be more knowledgeable than they actually were. This had the effect of alienating the staff, who could quickly perceive those that didn’t have their leadership act together.

I consider myself pretty smart, but I recognize that I’m not always the smartest person in the room. I tend to use my ignorance as a way to connect with peers and those working under me.

“Show me, is this how you do this?”
“Why is this process structured this way?”
“Why did you choose this course of action?”

This demonstrated to those I worked with that I wasn’t here to think for them, and that I valued their insight and knowledge. My role was to make them better, not replace them. As a team we could then set out and accomplish the company’s objectives, making the work easier as well as more enjoyable.

Getting Respect as a HR Professional

This post was me venting at yet another article about the ineffectiveness of Human Resources professionals. It gets old after a while, so I decided to express my thoughts on the subject in my own way. And I got to insert a photo meme (Vadering) into it–how cool is that?

Thanks this week goes to…

  • Melanie Tom, for her participation in this week’s HR Interviews. Thanks for contributing, Melanie!
  • The professionals that responded to the ‘Reading Is Fundamental, Part 2’ call to action for free books. Thanks for stopping by the blog–look for your books shortly!
  • To Dwane Lay, for being my willing partner in the Force Choke photo from the ‘Getting Respect’ post. Even all the way in wintry Minneapolis, he found a way to capture the moment. Thanks Dwane!
  • To Bonni Titgemeyer, for her blog post entitled ‘Top of Mind,’ which discusses the current state of the #hirevictorio movement. Thanks for being a great supporter and professional, Bonni! 

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