Notes, Acknowledgements, And Thanks: Week Ending 03/30/13

Your Words Matter: My Thoughts On Guest Posts

I received numerous replies, both on the post and elsewhere, about this topic. Regardless of the opinions presented, I appreciated the conversations being had around this subject. In professional circles we talk of value. It’s an idea that centers around this concept–what we provide (and as knowledge workers it’s often intangible or indistinct, unlike those that make physical objects) is worth something.The question is, “What?” In the context of writing, if software or a contingency worker can do the job cheaper and more efficiently, how much is a person’s intellectual output worth?

Controlling the Controllables: Attitude, Appearance, And Work

This was an edited version of one of the presentations I made recently at the Osborne Association. Whenever possible, I try to give practical advice to job seekers. It’s tough out there!

Remembering The Dead: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

As the saying goes, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” If we are to avoid another tragedy like this, we have to speak up about those things that are wrong, even if it’s unpopular or against the norm. This isn’t to say success will automatically result from it, yet it gives us the opportunity to stand on our principles. And sometimes that’s good enough.

Thanks this week goes to…

  • Leticia Sanchez de Garzón, for her participation in this week’s HR Interview. Thanks, Let!
  • The Osborne Association, for reprinting my ‘Controlling The Controllables…’ blog post on their website to share with their clients. Thank you!
  • To the readers, as always. I particular I want to thank those that commented on the ‘Your Words Matter…’ post. I value your opinions–thank you!
  • To those that continue to spread the #hirevictorio message online and elsewhere. It’s been getting global attention, as far as Australia and Singapore. Thank you!

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