Notes, Acknowledgements, And Thanks: Week Ending 03/23/13

More of what you’ve come to expect every Friday on this blog. I hope you enjoy it!

You’ll Never Learn: More Performance Wisdom From My Mom

Another life lesson from mom, this one about perseverance, determination, and tough love. Our game play taught me a lot. And there were no emotional scars from these lessons!

Changing The Rules: NextJump And Its No Fire Policy

I’m still struggling with this one. Not firing anybody–how is Charlie Kim and the NextJump team making this happen? I wonder if they have a Human Resources manager. I’d be curious about getting their perspective (or anyone that currently works, or has worked for there) on the environment.

  • How would a #NoFirePolicy affect your company? An interview with NextJump CEO Charlie Kim who decided to do just that. (via the Dave Marquet blog)

#Hirevictorio – The Next Chapter

The website is live and the love continues to pour in! In just over a week I’ve gotten over a thousand page views regarding the two #hirevictorio posts I wrote. Additionally, I’ve connected with a number of HR and business professionals via LinkedIn and other channels. And I have several job leads worth pursuing. It’s happening, folks!

Thanks this week goes to…

  • Ron Thomas, for his participation in the HR Interview series. Thanks Ron!
  • Paul Hebert, for taking the time to discuss the NextJump story. He was as baffled as I was concerning the company’s ‘No Fire’ policy. Thanks Paul!
  • The #hirevictorio community. Special acknowledgement goes to Sabrina Espinal, who worked on the design of the website. She did a quality job, ensuring that all the details were in place before the site went live. She also provided me with great advice on being a successful businessperson. Thanks Sabrina!

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