Nokia retires decade old Symbian to embrace Microsoft. But where does that leave the Symbian developers?

Entering a simple ‘strategic partnership’ with microsoft (which could be a prelude to merger), the world’s largest mobile phone seller by numbers has given a quite burial to the symbian OS which it had pushed aggressively in the recent years. Symbian will be hopefully supported for the next couple of years before being phased out completely in favor of Windows mobile. Nokia’s Elop expects this will make it a ‘three horse race’ with Apple and Google’s android.

But what happens to the Symbian developer community in this 3 horse race? Sure Mr. Elop doesn’t expect all of the symbian developers to move to windows mobile os development ? Its more likely that they would move towards the apple or android platforms. And it is highly unlikely that Mr.Elop expects any good number of symbian developers to follow him to Windows. He must be banking on the already existing windows mobile developer community.

And anyways, for the combined MS-Nokia phones, even after they start shipping together, the support of the developer community to bring in more apps it will be very crucial to keep the combined entity alive.

Hope they start shipping before it becomes a 2 horse race in the sales marketplace.

Or may be the developers will make it a 2 horse race in the developer human capital marketplace.

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