No Monopoly on Burnout: Burning Down the House

According to Gallup the level of burnout of people working from home has risen this year from 18% to 29% and the amount of people working entirely from home has risen from 4% to 40%. This nullifies the idea, “that there is no place like home.”

Keeping the home fires burning for too long or without recovery can be adding fuel for potential burnout. Take pause and read the opening lyrics to Talking Head’s Burning Down the House:

Watch out you might get what you’re after
Cool babies, strange but not a stranger
I’m an ordinary guy
Burning down the house

Hold tight wait ’til the party’s over
Hold tight we’re in for nasty weather
There has got to be a way
Burning down the house

I will be offering online workshops and sessions starting in January to prevent and intervene in burnout at an individual and organizational level. If you are interested in learning more leave a comment or email me directly at: [email protected]


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