No, I don’t work for free

This is a public service announcement for Friday, February 17th.  It’s a good time to take a moment and post some thoughts on embedded links, blog posts, and link love.

You who send me email about the following.  Here are the answers IN ADVANCE that might save you time and aggravation.

I am not interested in providing any, and I do mean ANY, free links for you.  You want to pay me?  Fine. I decide the price.  It’s not negotiable.  I would rather say no than sell out for $10.

I am not interested in “guest blog posts” where you pitch your [fill in the blank] under the guise of providing content.  For free. No thanks.

And lastly, I am not interested in your links as tremendous resources for “my readers” (all 5 of them) in exchange for listing my blog.

Let me be direct.  I write this blog because I love to share the work, the people, the places, and the stuff that goes on in the day-to-day chaos called Human Resources.

I don’t do this for money, payment, fame, fortune, book deals, or TV appearances.  I do it because I feel compelled.  I do my work for free. I don’t want to do your work for free.  If you still don’t get it, read this.  

Cheers to the weekend.

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