No HR here. Really.

I am on a couple of thought-provoking, inspirational email lists.  They often make me think and seldom inspire.  But I am too lazy to unsubscribe.

Monday’s email.
 -Be Useful.  Affirmation:  I will make my life useful and relevant today.

Well, that didn’t happen.

Tuesday’s email.
“Effort, after days of laziness, seemed impossible.” Doris Lessing

Bingo. Doris nails it. I have been been on vacation and lazy taking pictures of eagles, canoe races, sunrises, the moon, Samson the dog, waves crashing on my beach and seagulls.

I have not been reading, writing or thinking about human resources. Really, when I can write about eagles in my FRONT YARD and take their picture, does anyone really care about performance evaluations or immigration?

I didn’t think so.  Maybe I should post my eagle pictures here.  They are awesome.

I have had some questions about jobs and resumes.  I just send people to Ask A Manager.  I love her blog.  Maybe I will write about work sometime again.  Until then, enjoy some beauty of the sunrise coast of Michigan.

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