Next Big Thing? Augmented-reality maps

When I was sitting on a research panel at DevLearn 09, Brent Schlenker – the moderator – asked each panelist what they’d invest in if they were venture capitalists. I said Augmented Reality (AR).

I haven’t wrote about AR much and I haven’t done any serious research on it but I have had a Google alert going for “Augmented Reality” now for several months. (I get back an enormous amount of information so actually I should modify my alert so it limits hits to those related to learning and education.)

I am, however, hesitant to do that because I probably wouldn’t see stuff like this from Blaise Aguera y Arcas demo’ing AR maps using Bing maps, Flickr, Worldwide Telescope, Video overlays and Photosynth.

He tells the crowd at TED to think time travel, think telepresence, think crowd-sourced commerce to enhance decision-making. It makes me think of all sorts of possibilities for learning.

Here’s to augmenting the visual representation of the world.

(This video is a month old so you may have already viewed it but I wanted to share it because it blew my mind.)

Via Eric Tsai’s Posterous (he has some other AR examples as well)

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