Newsbreak: Elena Kagan to be Supreme Court Nominee

Well, I guessed right.  See my blog on Kagan and the need for political ability.  There’s an important lesson in the nomination of Kagan, formerly prof at the University of Chicago, Dean of the Harvard Law School and currently Solicitor General.  There are probably a couple hundred lawyers with the legal intelligence to be a Supreme Court Justice. Kagan, of course, has that intelligence.I wouldn’t pretend to divine the President’s thinking.  However, Justice Stevens was a masterful politician, able to sway the court in the direction he saw most important.  Kagan comes with exactly the same strategic and political ability.  The Washington Post attached this comment to one of its pictures of Kagan:Kagan has a reputation as a conservative liberals can love. When Harvard Law School hosted a huge dinner a few years ago for the conservative Federalist Society, Kagan, as dean, received such long and enthusiastic applause that she felt compelled to hold up her arms in mock protest.It’s important to understand that there are often reasons beyond the obvious that people gain positions.  One of my rules is that three are three typical reasons for gaining a position:  expertise, power of the network, and luck (timing).  The timing was right with Stevens resigning from the court.  President Obama needed someone who could build a solid coalition.
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