New Video: What Does Social Influence Mean? We ask the Influencers.

What do you think? Wait, you don’t think online influence makes a bit of difference in business these days?

Think again. It does in many industries and even more so now in the HR B2B space than ever before.

Come on over here for a minute. Don’t be shy. Sit down and watch this video with me and I’ll show you what I mean…


A special thank you to Peter Clayton, host of TotalPicture Radio, who helped us put this video together! We asked a group Human Resource, Recruiting and HR Technology thought leaders about influence, including what online social influence means, how the new realm of social influence has affected recruiting and talent management, its affects on brand management, and more. It was recorded at the HRmarketer / SocialEars booth at TLNT Transform 2012.

A very special thank you to our video participants:

Participants: Chris Young, Jason Lauritsen, Kimberly Roden, Kristen Wright, Matt Charney, Sarah White, Nikki Newman, Crystal Miller, Bill Glenn, Kurt Ballard, James Thomas and little ol’ me (Kevin W. Grossman).

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