New Startup Looks To Improve Recognition and Feedback

Who says employee recognition and emerging media can’t go hand in hand?

A new tech startup called Rypple looks to expedite the process of performance reviews and management to employee feedback. Setting themselves up as a sort of internal social network, Rypple makes feedback less of an annual event and more of a real-time situation. We spoke yesterday about how feedback could help satisfy that craving for instant gratification from employees by getting performance feedback almost immediately.

How does Rypple work?

A company could come to Rypple and set up an internal account. From there goals could be set, feedback given – publicly or privately – on a wall-style format and reports of goals. Rypple even goes as far as adding a game layer to their system by adding badges to recognition. The employee won’t just earn a verbal pat on the back but also receives a virtual award to supplement it. Definitely a quick route to recognition.

Check them out here. What do you all think? Is this an effective tool for recognition?

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