New SHRM/ANSI HR Metrics Work Group is Starting!

Many of you know that I’m a work group leader for a relatively new SHRM initiative to create standards in HR, which will be submitted to the American National Standards Institute. It’s been a worthwhile effort so far. There are several initiatives, however, I’m most knowledgeable about the Cost Per Hire group  – 40 thought leaders on the subject are working on building a definition for cost per hire that the industry can use.

We’re looking to add new work groups and new members who are passionate about human capital metrics to participate.

Some of us (including me) on the list already are participating in the first SHRM/ANSI standards project for metrics (Cost Per Hire). It’s a great way to meet others in the community and make a real difference in HR.

You’ll need a passion for HC metrics (which I suspect you do if you read this blog) about 1 hour per month for a conference call, and time to write when needed for the standard.

Please join us to help the industry! Details below.

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