New Lion Logo and Website for the New York Public Library

A few weeks ago, The New York Public Library (NYPL) debuted a striking new logo and website. The new logo was created in house, and is a contemporary take on the famous stone lions guarding the entrance to the main branch on Fifth Avenue. According to Marc Blaustein, Art Director for the NYPL, a new design was needed to:

“meet the practical requirements of a contemporary logo, that would not degrade at small sizes or on the web”

The NYPL’s previous logo featured a bust of one of the lions, but the level of detail in that drawing did not reduce well to small sizes, or have a crisp on-screen appearance. Armin Vit, editor of Brand New, a website that critiques logo redesigns, says:

I personally think this is a very successful rendition that keeps the look of pride the old lion had and creates a new icon that will look striking whether it’s on a coffee mug or a web banner. The typography is a major improvement over the old one, especially as it helps shed any traces of antiquity and gives the NYPL an immediate contemporary look.

This video from the NYPL shows the evolution of the logo, from photos of the stone lions to the series of sketches creating and refining the new lion:

Tote bag image courtesy of Brand New.

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