New Job Jitters? 7 Steps to Get Started on the Right Foot!

This post is a supplement to our From Candidate to Career video series.

One reason I wanted to specialize in recruitment was the ability to deliver good news and make a lot of people very happy. Extending offers and hiring great candidates is very rewarding. We are affecting the quality of someone’s life as well as adding to the success of the company we are working for.

Of course, recruiters have also been on the other side as job candidates and understand what it feels like to be in both situations. The hiring process can be a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs.

No matter whom you are, the most exciting part of the process is hearing, “we would like to extend an offer.” After hearing those magic words, we can finally relax and celebrate.

Then a few days before our first day, the anxiety starts to build again. New co-workers, a new manager, new policies and just the unknown can be scary, even for an experienced person.

If you want to make a good impression, follow these 7 tips from day one!

1.    Don’t Complain: We all have bad days. Try to stay focused and don’t complain or whine. Keep a smile on your face and in your voice no matter how you feel.

2.    Compliment Others: There is always something good that you can find in your co-workers or manager. It makes other people feel good and will go a long way in your own likability. Be sure to be sincere and honest. You don’t want to appear fake

3.    Always Offer More:
Ask what else you can do to help others. Be a team player and others will most likely return the favor when you need help. Be flexible and willing to pitch in.

4.    Don’t Engage in Gossip: It’s so easy to get caught up in gossip and once you start, it’s nearly impossible to stop. Think of your long term career goals. If you want to go into management, it will be hard to gain the respect of your co-workers if they know you will talk about people behind their backs.

5.    Listen & Learn:
Take the time to listen when you are in training. In order to learn, you have to pay attention. Sometimes we can feel rushed and pressured to take on the new position. We want to be productive and impress our new boss as soon as possible. Listen, learn and ask questions. Don’t be too proud to ask for help and get all the detail or training you need to be successful.

6.    Personal Information: As you get to know your new team, you will begin to share more information about your life. Just be careful on sharing too much. Make sure you know who they are and what may or may not offend them. Should you add them as Facebook friends? Wait until you really know them and make sure it won’t hurt your image.

7.    Stay Positive: Even when things are stressful and crazy at work, keep a good attitude. Unless it is a life or death situation, it probably isn’t all that bad and is only temporary. No one likes to work around a negative downer.

It’s both exciting and scary to start a new position. We are only human and will most likely break these rules at times. It’s never too late to break bad habits. If you follow these 7 simple guidelines, you will be on your way to a more fulfilling career!

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