New chapter for Internet Time Lines

Internet Time Lines, my n scale railroad, made a major advance today in its mission to extract value from intangible assets. Headed up by a Swiss brass band, the Line’s first Human Capital car made its way from the mines to the Raw Intelligence Distillery.


The railroad’s internal spies overheard the first group of workers complaining about being kept in the dark. “What’s in it for me?” was a common query. Tension was high as the new car rolled through Intangibles Valley, with its Intangibles Frac Facility and Secret Sauce Supercollider.


Spirits improved when the passengers spotted the familiar Jagermeister truck approaching.


Internet Time Lines is a 4″ x 8′ fantasy railroad that runs entirely on my desktop. Under construction:

ilt4Creating this little world is my current hobby. It may morph into a video on extracting value from intangibles.






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