Near-Death Taught Me Simplicity

Courtesy of XKCD

In a galaxy far away, and long ago… 
Actually, it was in Boston. And almost 40 years ago. (Which means I’m doing the Time Warp right now, complete with Magenta singing in my ear and the required pelvic thrusts.)

Almost killing us taught me simplicity… 
Summer 1973: Because I was the only one with a car, I was driving my best buddies, John F. and John B., to visit their colleges, Berklee College of Music and Boston College.

I’d only had my license for about two months, so I was a very seasoned driver by then. We’re on Commonwealth Avenue. I came up to a series of lights not unlike what’s above. Self: “Blinking red, yellow, green and turn arrow…all at the same time?!?! Who knows what that means?!?! Awww, f#*kit, let’s just go!!!!”

So I turned left, and about ten yards away was a trolley coming full-speed at us, about to t-bone the car. Fortunately, there was no traffic on the other side of CommAve, so I floored it and lived to tell the tale.

That was my first adult-level (kinda) experience that led me to my life’s work — making things simpler.

Make all your products and services and information simpler to use, or your clients and customers will decide: 
Awww, f#*kit, let’s just go!!!!

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