My Voice of HR Advice for SHRM (from 2011) : Go Forth and Lead #SHRMADVICE

Radical Self-expression )°(

2011 Guidance for SHRM from the Human Race Horses

In 2013, the song remains the same…. #SHRMADVICE

In 2011, I don’t want SHRM to change a thing that it has already planned.  Keep up the plans for global domination expansion.  Maintain the drive for the goal line on certification.  Keep stumbling around trying to figure out how to use social media.  These are all good and valid efforts that serve the mainstream SHRM audience in some way.

How SHRM could drive Edgy HR

What I want to see is SHRM do is to add a little spice to this sauce,  put some topping on the ice cream, get a little more edgy and radical at the same time.

Here is how:

  1. Require all SHRM leaders to hold regular office hours –  I would like to see all Officers and Directors at SHRM, including the Board of Directors, establish office hours for the membership.   What are office hours?  Just like in college professors do for their students, be in your office at a designated time and place and be openly available to guide, counsel, mentor, and listen to what your membership is saying.  I would suggest 4 hours a month, but hey, start with two and grow it up from there.  Not much in terms of cost, except for the time, and what more valuable way does SHRM have to serve its members than engaging in direct outreach and communication?
  2. Make the CEO position an elected post –  voted upon every 3 years by the membership.  I wrote about this on my blog in July when Lon O’Neil resigned left.  I said then it was a crazy idea, but I still like it.  Wouldn’t it be cool to have to some relatively unknown HR professional step out of their work life and stride onto the staid SHRM scene calling for change like Barack Obama did during his 2008 Presidential campaign?  Who knows what new ideas might be generated, or how much the membership base might be energized by a direct election.
  3. Establish a Radical HR incubator – This is the crazy one.  Take a very small percentage of general operating funds and set up an incubator fund that could be used to fund bleeding edge ideas and projects, whether that be unconferences, social media, or just crazy HR project ideas that could use some seed money.   Just use a small percentage of our big mainstream, corporate organization to support the radicals out there who are thinking big, but don’t have a lot of resources.    SHRM could become an angel investor in some new HR projects and ideas, a catalyst for innovation and transformation.  Isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing anyway? Who knows what might com out of it?  There might even be money in the deal!

Alright SHRM, now you know what I think.  Go forth and conquer lead!

This article was written by Michael VanDervort, and was originally published on the Voice of  HR blog on November 15, 2010.

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