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Follow me if you are interested in what I have to say. Shouldn’t that be everyone’s Twitter policy?

I have a Twitter account, @managebetternow.  If you enjoy this blog, feel free to follow me on Twitter.  I may follow you back, and I may not.  I generally follow people on Twitter that are writing on the topics of leadership, management, or anything related to employee engagement.  Anytime someone new follows me, I check out their last few tweets.  If it seems like something I would be interested in (and they are not trying to sell me anything) then I follow them back.  If not, I don’t. 

If you would really like me to follow you then engage in conversation with me, or tweet my blog posts or tweets to your followers.  This will ensure that I have not accidental missed you along the way.

I see that a lot of folks have Twitter policies that state if you follow them then they will follow you back.  I am not sure I understand this type of policy or how this became the norm on Twitter.  In my humble opinion, Twitter should be used to engage in conversation to make connections with people.  I don’t see many people using it that way.  Many Twitter users seem to be obsessed with their number of followers.  Maybe it helps you if you sell ad space on your blog.  Other than that, I can’t think of a reason why anyone would care about how many followers they have.  I have followed many people that had over 10,000 followers only to drop them a day later because they all they do is auto-tweet marketing material for their site or book.  Obviously I am not impressed with the number of followers that anyone has.   Should I be?

I just recently learned that that there are programs that will tell you if someone you are following has not followed you back.  If you have a program that tells you which one of your followers don’t follow you back, then don’t follow me.  If the only reason you are following me is so that I will follow you back, then you are likely wasting both of our time.  I want followers that might have a genuine interest in what I have to say.  If that is not you, then don’t follow me.  You will not be hurting my feelings.  If you are that obsessed about how many followers you have then may I suggest focusing on the content of your posts.

What is your Twitter policy?  Do you automatically follow anyone that follows you?  What sort of things do you Tweet each day?  Do you ever stop following people and if so what causes you to stop?  Am I missing something, what is the value of having a lot of followers that you never engage with?

I feel like I am not using Twitter like everyone else does, and I am not sure if that is good or bad.  I welcome any Twitter related thoughts that you may have.

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