My Three Sons

As many of you know, in addtion to my RPO responsibilities, I am the father of 3 boys (Samuel 12, Elliot 11, and Aaron 5). My wife, Barbara, and I are somewhat obsessed with teaching our boys values and educating them on the importance of being passionate about what they do (other than TV and Play Station).

Recently I came across the book “Heroes for My Son” by Brad Meltzer. In looking for ways to share our “message” with our children, this book is an excellent vehicle.

Written for his son, Brad Meltzer has collected stories of many people that he would consider heroes for his son – for many reasons. Some of the stories he tells are not the well known stories that we know about these heroes. The list grew to include the fifty-two amazing people now gathered in “Heroes for My Son”, a book that parents and their children—sons and daughters alike—can now enjoy together as they choose heroes of their own.

Everyone highlighted in the book is miraculous and has one thing in common: each is an example of the spectacular potential that can be found in all of us.

Enjoy Father’s Day!

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