My Talk on Social Media at the Exchange4Media India PR & Corporate Communication Summit

I recently spoke at the Exchange4Media India PR & Corporate Communication Summit as part of a panel on social media with N Madhavan from Hindustan Times, Jaideep Shergill from Hanmer MS&L, Mahesh Murthy from Pinstorm and Rajesh Lalwani from BlogWorks.

I pointed to three trends during my short talk –

1. In social media, your reputation does not depend on what you say. Your reputation depends on what you do. So, it doesn’t matter if you have the right tone for social media. What matters is that you have the right soul for social media.

2. Social media strategy isn’t about the tools, it’s about identifying, igniting and scaling the passion of your evangelists. Most social media marketing is spam because it’s badly done advertising in disguise. We need to start outside-in from an understanding of what our evangelists are passionate about, not inside-out from the messages we want to push out to our audience.

3. We will see more brands replacing the TVC with a combination of communities and CRM programs at the center of their marketing and communication strategy. Sunsilk Gang of Girls, Pepsi Youngistaan, Aircel Save Our Tigers, Godrej Gojiyo and Tata Tea Jaago Re are early examples of this change.

These three themes form the core of my approach to marketing in general, and social media marketing in particular. Most marketers in India are only beginning to come to terms with these changes, but with Naked Communication’s Gitanjali Sriram (@gitanjalisriram) evangelizing similar ideas, I see more converts soon.

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