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My Social Media Theme for 2016: Focus – Podcast Ep. 124

My Social Media Theme for 2016: Focus - Podcast Ep. 124

Happy new year and welcome to the first solo episode of 2016. I’ve been thinking a lot about skills of the best social media marketers, and what I’m going to be focusing on this year. My answer is focus: as social media marketers, we wear lots of hats, and the only way to maintain a strategic approach is the ability to focus and keep on track. Listen in to hear how I keep focused, and why focusing on your business objective is crucial to your success.

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In This Episode:

  • I was asked by one of these up and coming social media dashboards, EClincher, what skill or habit the best social media marketers have
  • This leads into my one word theme for 2016: Focus
  • Focus separates the best from the rest
  • Focus is especially critical as our focus gets more visual, and I’m not just talking about creating images, right? I’m talking about images, video, livestreaming, and having to create multimedia content on the spot
  • Why I use a whiteboard to help me focus
  • There are a few categories on which I focus: dollars, infrastructure, content, big content, big products, other content, and workflow
  • I want to get back to that big product idea, and monetizing your business
  • You have to remember that having lots of followers is a vanity metric, right? It has no actual value
  • Now hopefully, if you have a business, you’re monetizing your social media activity, and getting ROI, right? You’re getting those followers to buy, or getting their feedback to help create a product
  • Lots of followers gets you nothing – you need a product or a service to sell to those to those followers
  • Without a product, there’s no business
  • Now, if you have lots of followers but no product, the other opportunity is for you to be an influencer and partner with brands, for them to have the ear of your audience
  • You have to be careful because once you start to sell to your community, it can be a major turnoff
  • At the end of the day, social media is about having an objective, and it has to be a business objective, and therefor you have to have a business
  • If 2016 is the year of focus, it’s time to rekindle the business objectives of your social media strategy

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