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Since it’s a custom for GTD’ers to describe their personal implementation of the system, I feel I’m bound by the same custom and owe it to my blog readers to share with them my simplified implementation of the GTD system. Let me make it clear, though, that this is in no way close to the real GTD system that includes a lot of other stuff and processes. This implementation is simplistic and, obviously, personal. This is what works for me and may not necessarily work for others.

Simplistic Getting Things Done Implementation

My Simple GTD Implementation – Moleskine notebook, Sharpie Pen, Nokia E71, and Olympus Voice Recorder

Moleskine Pocket Notebook

This is where I jot down important notes that I need to remember. Not shown in the picture are other stuff I keep in the inside pocket of the notebook: mini post-it’s, index cards, and a pocketmod. I consider this pocket notebook very important not only for productivity purposes but also for any creative ideas that I need to capture. I also use it as my blog ideas bank. If I don’t bring my backpack, I make sure that I have this little notebook with me in one of my pockets. The Moleskine notebook that I have is the one I got from Think Geek.

Nokia E71 Smart Phone

I use my Nokia E71 smart phone to handle not only calls but also my digital notes and calendar items. All the tasks that I need to schedule are recorded in the cool calendar function of the phone. I also use it as a reminder tool for important things. The Month and Week view modes of the calendar application give me an overview of what my month or week is like. Some of my To-Do tasks – the personal ones – are usually kept in my phone. The Office applications in the phone are really great, too. I can create and save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in the phone. The PDF reader is also great. I also regularly use it to update my Facebook and Twitter updates.

Olympus Voice Recorder

My digital voice recorder is a backup capture tool that I often use. I also use it to record ideas for my blog. When I have an idea that I need to capture and I’m kind of lazy to write, I grab the recorder and hit the record button. This is a convenient and quick way of capturing important notes and To-Do tasks.

Online GTD Application

Another tool that I regularly use for its ubiquity is the SimpleGTD online application. I recently posted a review of the SimpleGTD application. What I really like about this application is its Project and Context functions which are useful in putting related tasks in a logical grouping. Read more about how I implement SimpleGTD in that post.

How do you implement the GTD system in a personal level? Please describe your GTD toolbelt in the comment section below. I am looking forward to your response!

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