My new gig(s)

People with positive emotions are more engaged in their work, produce more, sell more, and lead more fulfilling lives. Yet most businesses sweep emotion under the rug. Businesslike means methodical, practical, and unemotional.

Emotion in the workplace is similar to informal learning: it’s undeniably important, it’s pervasive, and it has not been on anybody’s agenda. We humans are emotional beings. Neuroscience researchers have discovered that we feel first and think later. What passes for logic is often the stories we tell ourselves to justify decisions that arise from our emotional brains. Business is in denial on this.

On my birthday, July 5, I shifted the focus of my research from informal learning & working smarter to assessing the impact of employee well-being on performance and how to help workers lead more fulfilling, satisfying lives. My interim goal is to help 10,000 people become happier at work within the next six months. A delightful side benefit is that following my own advice is making me more satisfied with my life, happy in the now, and optimistic about the future.

To pay the bills while I do my research, I’ve opened a new business, writing high-end white papers, research reports, magazine articles, and marketing collateral. This is a perfect fit for me: I’m an enthusiastic writer. I enjoy explaining things, promoting a cause, and crafting a good story.

Do you know vendors and ventures that are doing great things but struggling to get the words out? They need a third party to articulate their value proposition, the sophistication of their thinking, and fresh insights into what they’re doing. I’m their man.

I’ll appreciate it if you can suggest they take a look at this.


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