My HR top 10 for 2010 (and some personal faves!)

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Yet another list of HR influencers

I haven’t posted much lately because I have been working quite a bit on a project that will hopefully see the light of day shorty after the first of the year.  I haven’t done the obligatory end of the year posts, and I haven’t even thought about the things I should be predicting will be happening in 2011.   I have been head down and working.    But I wanted to come up for air long enough to do this post – “the people I am grateful for in 2010″ post.  Here they are split into two lists, personal and professional.

People I am thankful to have in my life

Family – the most important this time of year, right?  Indulge me!

1.  Kyle Sipple – my wife, who has helped me grow in so many ways not just in 2010, but since I met her in 2003.    She hates taking part in social networking, so I am not going to post a link here.    Take my word for it, she is very cool.

2.  Bryan VanDervort – who is my oldest son.  He is married  to a wonderful woman named Nicole, and the father of two beautiful girls, Avery and Sydney.   He works hard, has turned into a great father, and I am really proud of the man he has turned out to be.

3.  Eric Vandervort – my youngest son, who changed the spelling of our last name so people would pronounce it correctly, by saying all the letters in one big word, phonetically.    Eric is a grad student at Ball State University looking to do his PhD somewhere else.  I am looking forward to seeing where.   Eric  is strongly independent, and holds political and social views slightly different than mine.  Proudly gay and kind of socialist, I have so thrilled to watch him develop into a thoughtful, intelligent well-rounded person, and I love debating with him.   He likes social media, and you can find his acerbic commentary on life on Twitter and Facebook.  Like this one:

“Have now seen Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Have reached two conclusions. First, hate 3D films — the “cool” factor does not make up for the loss of quality in color and cinematography. Second, tired of Christian allegories in film. Need to watch some godless German film or something to compensate.”

4.   Claire Sipple – my step-daughter via Kyle.   An undergrad student at Florida State University, strongly devoted to Jesus Christ, and a pure pleasure to know.  The third and last of my three great kids.

I am so proud of them all.   Thanks for letting me gloat

People I am thankful to have worked with/met in 2010

Professional – there are really too many of these folks in my life to count, but there are some professional relationships  that were really developed in 2010, and I want to mention them specifically:

1.   Bryan Wempen – conference buddy and host of  the Drive Thru HR show

2.  Alicia Arenas – HR supporter, great business coach, Founder of SaneraCamp and small business advocate.  If you don’t know her, you should!

3.  Franny Oxford – simply my bet friend in HR….love ya!

4.  John Jorgenson – smart guy, great sense of humor, and of an age with me.   Also a great gateway to many of other awesome colleagues at #ILSHRM like Dave Ryan, Donna Rogers, and Jeff  Williams

5.   Steve Levy – who is  opinionated, wise, and giving….in addition to being a curmudgeonly blogger on recruiting and social media.

6.  Joni Doolin – who does far more than any mere mortal should be able to do every day,  is the greatest talent magnet I have ever seen, and just plain rocks the world of work every day at People Report.

7.  Jessica Miller-Merrell – smart, sexy HR, and always where things are happening

8. William Tincup – the guy I want to be when I start to revert to my second childhood

9.  Phil Wilson –   Prez of Labor Relations Institute – smart, funny, Michigan alum, and all around labor relations guy

10.  Jenny DeVaughn – buddy from the ATL who always gives me great advice

There are many more that I am sure I have unwittingly left off, and certainly many, many repeat performances from 2009 like KD, Stelzner, Laurie

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