My first time at OPEN Forum Silicon Valley

Last weekend I attend OPEN Forum 2014, Silicon Valley’s annual business event for Pakistani entrepreneurs and technologists. It’s open to everyone but 98% of the attendees and guests are Pakistanis, rest are Indians (no kidding).

I had heard that it’s an event that provides little or no value due to organizational short comings and lack of real topics affecting entrepreneurs from the diaspora. Yet, I found it to be extremely informative, inspiring and encouraging.

Informative: Excellent lineup of speakers talking about topics that covered “Landing your next Job” to “Future of IoT.”

Inspiring: Stories from entrepreneurs who have failed, learned from failuresĀ and then succeeded on epic levels. It’s a tell all and there is nothing better than a great story.

Encouraging: A pitch session with V.C. judges and excellent product demos.

Will definitely visit next year.

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