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In my first-grader’s backpack last night was a completed assignment: “Five Things I’m Thankful For”. Along with her stuffed animals, bedroom and house, she’s thankful for her Mom and her Dad. It’s nice to know we made the list.

Counting one’s blessings is a very grounding thing to do.  For years, I’ve kept a Gratitude Book, jotting down words of gratitude as the mood strikes. It’s always so interesting to look back at my random lists and reflect upon the things life has handed me and note whether they seemed, at the time, a gift or a burden.

Reflecting on these “gifts” seems apropos this week, due to the upcoming American Thanksgiving holiday. Because this is a blog devoted to creating effective relationships in the workplace, I’m going to put a spin on my daughter’s homework and offer you “Five Things I’m Grateful for at Work”:

  1. Clients who reward me with their loyalty. Many of my clients have been returning for my consulting and training services for over a decade. Yes, I work hard for them and yes, I’m a consummate professional, but that doesn’t guarantee their return. Every time they email or call me, I’m grateful for their continued trust in my abilities.
  2. Colleagues— my “go to” people who, when I need them, are generous with their time and information. All are just an email or phone call away and I appreciate their unflagging encouragement, especially because they are such accomplished and busy professionals. 
  3. Interesting work. It really is a privilege to work with people on improving their leadership skills through positive, character-based influence. My work is interesting, varied and always teaches me something in the process as well.
  4. My virtual support staff. I run a very small “in person” office. Essentially, it’s me and a couple of independent trainers who provide training and consulting to our clients across the United States. I couldn’t do what I do without the fantastic support of my “virtual” staff—my virtual assistant Suzie Poirier from Ace Concierge Services, Chris, the Copy Center Manager at our local Office Depot, and my accounting pros Jeff Burns and Lindsey Newenhouse from McDonald and Associates, just to name a few.
  5. My mentors. I’ve blogged about these pivotal people before, whose advice and modeling of what great leaders should be have helped me in so many ways.


Do any of these resonate with you? If you work for a large corporation, does the list look different? What five things are you grateful for at work this holiday season?

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