Music and learning: do they mix?

I’ve been listening in to some of the royalty-free music at This stuff is completely free for use even on commercial projects and produced to a very high standard. My contact with library music in the past has been as soundtrack to corporate videos and that was a long time ago, so music in so far as it relates to e-learning is not a connection I’ve explored in any detail. On the other hand I am a musician and also a music lover – I realise what an enormous emotional impact music can have. So I’m keen to find out more about the potential applications for music in e-learning.

I have an idea where you might use music:

  • behind a title sequence or sting
  • as a loop sitting behind a menu
  • as a loop running continuously while you explore a 3D environment
  • as a loop while you ponder your answer to a question
  • as a continuous accompaniment to a narrated slide sequence

All of these are easy to accomplish technically and should not impose any additional demands on bandwidth to anyone already using narration. So, the question is:

Would any of this add any real value in term of engagement or the effectiveness of the learning?

Your ideas would be much appreciated.

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